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7 Eating Habits That Divide People in the World

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7 Eating Habits That Divide People in the World
Photo Zomato

Ketchup on the side or on top? Tea or coffee? To-may-to or to-mah-to? According to online dining guide Zomato, these small preferences say a lot about you.

That's why for their latest ad campaign, Zomato devised a series of posters aptly titled Two Kinds of People in This World which highlight various eating habits and personality traits around the world.

It's a clever ad campaign that really makes you examine things you probably take for granted. For instance, are you the type of person who eats a whole pizza slice or do you leave the crust? Do you eat bite right into a bar of chocolate or do you cut off a square?

Take a look below to discover which eating habits best describe you:

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