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Chili Sin Carne, Easy Vegetarian Chili Recipe

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Chili Sin Carne, Easy Vegetarian Chili Recipe
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Chili is a comforting stew of bean, meat and chilies which hails from Southwestern United States. According to legend, it was invented in the state of Texas. But chili doesn't always need to be made with meat.

This chili sin carne recipe (which translates to chili without meat in Spanish) is a delicious vegetarian alternative. Instead using ground beef, this vegetarian chili calls for a  soy-based meat alternative. It is cooked with chilies, beans and chickpeas (which can be optional).

Be sure to serve this chili sin carne with a side of rice. If you enjoy vegetarian dishes, perhaps you would like to try making easy vegetarian couscous or a grilled chickpea burger.

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