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3 Simple Risotto Recipes

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3 Simple Risotto Recipes
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The defining factors of this truly Italian dish are the toasting and creaming of the rice, they can also be the defining factors of the competence of the cook or chef attempting a risotto.

But don’t let that dissuade you, an easy risotto recipe promises a quick, simple and easy dinner as well as a perfect dish for sharing with friends or family.

The ingredients list required for a basic risotto recipe is very brief and inexpensive: finely chopped onion, rice (carnaroli), white wine, chicken stock, and, to finish it off, cold butter and grated Parmesan. other ingredients such as fish and vegetables, can be added as desired (which should always be cooked aside and added towards the end).

Sarah Cary proves just how easy risotto is:

Five great risotto tips to set you on your risotto journey to success are firstly using the right variety of rice: carnaroli (the king of rice) is often considered the best. Secondly is the 'tostatura',  the toasting of the onions and rice. Thirdly, it is recommended to add the salt at the beginning to let it soak into the rice. Fourthly, once you've got the rice in the pan, keep the rice turning - you have to make the rice release its starch - it's this that makes a nice starchy sauce. Some people say you should not move the rice but keep it turning; this will make the creamiest risotto. The fifth and perhaps most important final tip is to stop cooking the risotto before you think it's ready. The rice must be taken off al dente and left to sit for two minutes away from the heat.

If you want to know if you’ve done it right your final dish should have some movement, known as ‘the wave’.

If you are looking for an easy risotto recipe we have 3 very simple versions to try below including, fava bean, a vegan pear risotto and an earthy mushroom risotto to put your knowledge to good use. And in the end, practice makes perfect.


A great summery style risotto to celebrate the last of the summer sun. Vibrant fava beans add colour and texture to the white rice grains.


A fruity and vegan dish, this is a risotto with a difference and ideal if you are catering for a group with specific dietary requirements.


A mushroom medley of chanterelles, ceps, bay boletes fried off separately and added at the end of the risotto make this one earthy and satisfying dish that packs a punch.

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