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Quick and Easy Peach Cobbler Recipes

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Quick and Easy Peach Cobbler Recipes
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Peach cobbler is a beloved dessert that anyone can make at home - even those without much baking experience. If you’ve never ventured to make peach cobbler at home we have a few easy recipes that will entice you to roll up your sleeves and step into the kitchen.

First, let's go over a few basics to get you started on your journey to making the most delectable cobbler ever.

What is a cobbler?

A cobbler is a type of dessert that features fruit topped with a batter that becomes fluffy when baked. Some cooks top their cobbler with cake mix, others with biscuits, and even pancake batter.

Why make peach cobbler at home?

The answer is simple: making peach cobbler is easy! You don’t even have to deal with peeling fruit and cooking it beforehand if you don't want to. By using canned peaches packed in syrup you'll eliminate time-consuming prep.

Our easy peach cobbler recipe features a quick crust made from premade biscuits but we will also provide alternatives so you can choose your favorite.

How long does peach cobbler take to cook?

When baked at 350 F our easy and quick peach cobbler can be ready in just 20 minutes.

Easy and quick peach clobber recipe

A quick confession: there are fancier peach clobber recipes out there but this one focuses on speed and flavor. You'll have a spectacular cobbler ready in minutes by using just a handful of ingredients.

This is what you'll need to make a peach cobbler for 6 people: 32 oz. can of peaches packed in syrup, 1 can of refrigerated biscuit dough, 2 tbsp of sugar, and 2 tbsp of butter. 

Find the full recipe here.

Easy Peach Cobbler with Cake Mix

If you really want to take an even bigger shortcut then get yourself some canned peaches and cake mix, then do this:


Gourmet Peach Cobbler Recipe

Now, this peach cobbler recipe is for foodies who want to go all out. This video from Entertaining with Beth shows you how to make peach cobbler from scratch using fresh peaches. The results are sublime!

Hungry for more?

Our journey into peach recipes doesn't end with cobbler. Discover more tasty peach recipes here - from classic peach Melba to sorbets, crisps, smoothies, and even sangria. You'll love them all!

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