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8 Easy Overnight Oats Recipes You Need To Try

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8 Easy Overnight Oats Recipes You Need To Try

Overnight oats are the answer to busy mornings. What could be easier than a breakfast you don't have to cook? With just a little planning you can wake up to a flavorful and healthy breakfast for champions.

This spectacular no-cook breakfast is loaded with cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber (thanks oats!) as well as protein and calcium from yogurt and milk (you could also use the non-dairy kind). Not to mention you'll get a nice dose of antioxidants if you add layers of fresh fruits.

The best part? You can make overnight oats in mason jars which reduces cleanup and results in a portable breakfast you can scoop up with a spoon. Win, win, win!


Making overnight oats is easy as pie. It's just like preparing a parfait except that you'll need a 1:1 ratio of milk to oats to ensure they'll become nice and creamy.  The fixings can be anything you like - from fresh berries and dried fruit to sliced bananas, peanut butter, flax seeds and more.

You'll begin by placing the oats in a mason jar. Pour milk (or your preferred liquid) over the oats then add layers of fruit, nuts and seeds. Put a lid on it and refrigerate for at least eight hours for maximum creaminess. Your easy overnight oats will stay fresh for a whole week. What's not to love?

Here's a tropical recipe from Honeysuckle to get you started: 

Here are some nice flavor combinations to inspire you. These easy overnight oats recipes are available here.

“How To Make Overnight Oats

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