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10 Easy Muffin Recipes For Breakfast on the Go

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10 Easy Muffin Recipes For Breakfast on the Go

If your mornings are hectic but you'd still like to enjoy a homemade breakfast these easy muffin recipes will be your salvation. Take the time to bake them the night before and you'll have delectable muffins that can be enjoyed on the go or tucked into your bag to be eaten later.

These easy muffin recipes are also a great snack option for road trips. Let's not forget that these quick muffin recipes would also make a spectacular hostess gift around the holidays.

10 Quick & Easy Muffin Recipes 

Cranberry Bran Muffins

Whole wheat flour, wheat bran, cranberries and vanilla combine beautifully in this easy muffin recipe designed to power up your morning.

Find the recipe right this way.

Gluten-Free Amaranth Muffins

Amaranth, an ancient grain, is used in the preparation of these hearty muffins. Raspberries add a burst of color and flavor.

Learn how to make this easy muffin recipe.

Chocolate Cheesecake Muffins

If you are looking for a decadent breakfast option then go for these chocolate cheesecake muffins. They are sweet, moist and double as dessert. What could be better?

Find the recipe right this way.

Eggless Chocolate Muffins

You'll be surprised by how moist these chocolate muffins are even though it is an eggless recipe.

Give them a try - here is the recipe.

Sugar-Free Ricotta Muffins 

Can sugar-free muffins be delicious? Absolutely! Just whip up a batch of these glorious muffins made with two types of raisins, agave nectar, ricotta cheese and rolled oats.

Find the easy muffin recipe here.


Here's a healthy and easy muffin recipe packed with fiber and flavor. You'll love the combo of oats, blueberries and buttermilk.

Click here for the recipe.


If you are in the mood for savory muffins give this tasty recipe a try. It's a great way to use leftover peas and ham and makes a nice treat anytime of day.

Find the recipe here.


Brighten your morning with these citrusy muffins made with cornmeal, ground almonds and the zest of one orange. The adorable marzipan garnish is optional.

Learn how to make these quick and easy muffins.


You'll find these tropical vegan muffins completely irresistible thanks to the addition of mango puree and ground macadamia nuts.

Click here for the tasty recipe.


Get a nice dose of super greens with these savory kale muffins made with chopped garlic, sour cream and melted butter.

Try the recipe now.

Hungry for more? Check out our entire collection of tasty muffin recipes.

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