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4 Easy Japanese Recipes to Try at Home

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4 Easy Japanese Recipes to Try at Home
Photo Pedro Serapio / Flickr

Do you enjoy Japanese food but never considered trying to cook it at home?

Perhaps you feel out of your depth with Japanese ingredients or techniques? Never fear, we are here with some easy Japanese recipes suitable for the family or friends that are tasty, simple, and easy to prepare in under an hour.

Japanese cuisine has gained in popularity both Europe and the USA in recent years. Whilst it might have been synonymous with sushi, it is gradually becoming more well known for its simplicity, clean simple flavours as well as being a healthier option in many cases.

Why not try getting started on a few of the basics at home and stocking up on a few key ingredients and discover many Japanese dishes are easy enough to incorporate into a normal weekday night, or even give a themed dinner at the weekend.

If you’re new to Japanese cooking we have four easy Japanese recipes that should appeal to most home cooks. If you’ want to try making burgers, try Tokyo burgers, fancy something fishy try a Japanese seafood soup. Also check out the classic tempura and chicken wings which are both great finger food and sure winners.

Tokyo Burger

Not for the faint hearted these are big tasty burgers, with a patty made from beef and pork with added bread and mustard. Top off with avocado and beetroot. We're not sure how entirely Japanese this is, but we do know Tokyo has some very good burgers!

Fried Tempura

You can't go wrong with tempura, either as a starter or served as a main course, everyone loves hot and crispy tempura. Great for vegetarians too.

Japanese Wings

Chicken wings are always great finger food. Try these Japanese inspired ones, you'll need to marinade them for six hours before.

Japanese Seafood 

One for the seafood lovers, this dish is cram packed with flavour and scallops, prawns, tuna and squid. Perfect for cheering you up on a rainy autumnal day.

Learn more about soy sauce, the Japanese kitchen staple, it's quite surprising and even seems to make squid dance:

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