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5 Easy Jam Recipes To Make This Weekend

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5 Easy Jam Recipes To Make This Weekend

Even if you are new to fruit preservation these easy jam recipes will give you the confidence to start canning. These step-by-step recipes make good use of all the great produce available this season: blueberries, cherries, plums, tomatoes and even chilies. Grab some mason jars and gather a few pals in your kitchen this weekend for a fun jam session. Here's what to make:

Easy Blueberry Jam

Cardamom is the secret ingredient to making lip smacking blueberry jam (pictured above). It's great on toast, crackers and heavenly with peanut butter.

Blueberry Cherry Jam

Two of summer's sweetest fruits come together in this mouthwatering jam recipe. It's a simple recipe that requires just five ingredients.

Plum Jam

Three ingredients are all you'll need to make this tasty plum jam. Aside from making it part of your breakfast you can thin it out and use it as a glaze for roasted chicken or pork chops. 

Plum Walnut Jam

Most jam recipes don't call for nuts but it's a great way to kick up a batch of homemade jam. This plum walnut jam is great with cheese and crackers.

Chili Jam

Red chilies are paired with tomatoes, red peppers and ginger in this delicious savory jam. Spread it on hors d'oeuvres, sandwiches and use it to complement a gorgeous cheese plate.

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