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6 Easy Italian Desserts to Experience the Dolce Vita

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6 Easy Italian Desserts to Experience the Dolce Vita

Having a few easy Italian desserts in your recipe repertoire will make you a popular host when entertaining guests with a taste for the sweeter things in life.

We've put together a classic selection of desserts, from a simple panna cotta to a chef inspired tiramisu with a twist, which will always be popular choices come dessert time. Whether you go for a full Italian menu or just opt for dessert these options are a fitting conclusion to a multitude of cuisines.

So why not take a look at these easy Italian desserts and get a taste of the dolce vita.

Buon appetito!


This unusual panna cotta is extremely easy to make using yoghurt rather than cream which makes for a lighter option than the traditional version. It's also simple to make in advance giving you a perfect pre-prepared dessert without the hassle on the day.


This small yeast cake hails from Naples in Southern Italy. For the finishing touch soak the baba in some good quality Limoncello.

Coffee Granita

If you're looking for a light and refreshing end to a dinner this is a great way of serving something sweet without saturating your guests and giving a final caffeine kick.

Warm Tiramasu

Chef Matteo Torretta from Milan gave us this recipe for a simple tiramasu with a twist. This recipe will certainly 'pick you up' with a coffee and marsala kick.


This Italian dessert comes from northern Italy in Piemonte. Rather like a chocolate and amaretti version of creme caramel it's an easy and elegant dessert.

Panna Cotta

Nail a traditional panna cotta and you'll always have a classic crowd pleaser up your sleeve.

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