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8 Easy Fish Recipes

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8 Easy Fish Recipes

Fish is a wonderfully diverse protein that can be dressed up as elegant single serve portions for a dinner party or simply served as a baked dish at a more informal gathering.

Don’t stress out cooking fish. If you’re not comfortable filleting your own you can always get a fishmonger to do it for you. Alternatively if you fancy a refresher or brushing up on your fish filleting skills we have some handy video guides below.

With so many easy fish recipes available it’s really a case of deciding on the occasion, your culinary skills and the flavours you want to pursue.

Depending on the type of fish you prefer we have a good range for you to choose from here from meaty monkfish and swordfish to the more delicate white flaky fish of sea bass.

These easy fish recipes are perfect for those craving seafood. For those observing Lent, these dishes provide a a great alternative to a Friday fish fry.

Whatever your reason for eating fish may be, we hope you enjoy these simple yet delicious dishes.


An Indian recipe shared by Atul Kochhar, chef at acclaimed Benares restaurant in London. This is a delicately spiced fish dish with coconut milk


Refined comfort cooking from chef Naomi Everett in Alaska. The delicately crab-stuffed halibut is finished off with a beurre blanc sauce.


An extremely easy oven-baked layered dish. This monkfish holds its own in amongst prosciutto, potatoes, artichokes.


A Peruvian classic. Make sure you use the freshest of ingredients to really appreciate this dish where the acidity of the lemon 'cooks' the fish.

Fish Cakes with Herbs

A great way of using up fish left overs in these tasty hot fish cakes served with a dipping sauce.

Swordfish with Capers

For a light dinner or lunch enjoy this swordfish with Mediterranean flavours.

Canneloni Filled with Salmon and Spinach

A very delicate seafood version of cannelloni, perfect for when you feel like pasta and seafood in an easy bake.

Sea Bream on Hazelnut Crunch

Chef Carlo Cracco created this unusual recipe of simple sea bream laid on  a bed of hazelnuts. Ideal for when you feel like experimenting in the kitchen.

Need some help in the kitchen? These videos teach you the basics of dealing with fish.

How To Fillet A Fish

How To Make Fish Stock

How To Descale A Fish

When you're buying seafood use these handy 7 hints on how to recognise fresh fish.

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