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10 Delicously Easy Duck Recipes

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10 Delicously Easy Duck Recipes
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Duck is a delicious and versatile meat which makes a great change from the usual chicken or beef. Serving duck is a great way of adding elegance or romance to a meal and with so many easy duck recipes to choose from it's an interesting meat worth exploring more.

Whilst there is generally less meat on a duck the flavoursome meat more than makes up for it and can be cooked in a numer of ways. Duck works well with spices as well as fruit including oranges, raspberries, cherries, cranberries and blueberries which complement the richness.

These succulent easy duck recipes are prepared in a variety of ways from the crispy skinned and stuffed whole duck to injecting more exotic flavours including Thai, Indian and Chinese. Duck lends itself easily to a whole range of cooking techniques. pan-fried, spiced, roasted or sous vide - so you can tailor them according to the occasion.

Go on, allow yourself to be seduced by duck in all its glory.


Duck takes on Thai notes in this fragrant curry including pineapple and cherry tomatoes.


A crispy skinned whole duck stuffed with bacon is the stuff dreams are made of and really makes for an impressive serving of a whole duck.


Crispy fried peking duck with the fresh vibrant cruchy salad make for a satisfying main course.

Duck Breast with Pomegranate

Perfect for fall or winter this is a satisfying and succulent way to serve duck breasts accompanied with a sweet and sour pomegranate and honey sauce.

Duck Kabob with Ketchup and Truffled Mayonnaise

This decadent duck sandwich comes from Matteo Torretta, Italian chef at Visconti Street Food restaurant in Milan. White truffle paste elevates this street food to new heights.

Pancakes with Crispy Peking Duck

An easy peking duck recipe, this is perfect finger food for sharing with a group for everyone to get stuck in making their own delicious duck filled pancakes.

Tandoori Duck with Ginger and Cucumber

Tandoori duck champions Indian flavours in this classic and simple dish.

Peking Duck: Crispy Duck with Plum Sauce

Crispy peking duck comes with a fresh plum sauce balancing the richness of the duck.

Wild Duck with Burnt Wheat

Try out this dish if you have a sous vide, A great wild duck recipe with burnt wheat by food artists and chefs Mike Knowlden and Josh Pollen from Blanch & Shock

Layers of Medium-Rare Duck Breast and Thigh with Sprouts and Red Beets, on a Bed of "Interestingly Sour" Potatoes

This beautiful looking dish from Italian chef Giancarlo Morelli is delicious and healthy sous vide duck breast recipe.

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