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20 Minute Dashi Recipe

By FDL on

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 20 Minute Dashi Recipe

As anyone who has ever tasted it will testify, a well made Dashi is damn delicious. It’s deep with flavour and provides a back bone to recipes like no other.

The problem with dashi is that most recipes require a lot of time to make, meaning the home cook rarely has a go at producing their own.

Here to help with that is ChefSteps with their super simple, quick to make, dashi recipe that is done in 20 minutes – that’s right, 20 minutes for a umami rich dashi.

You can watch a recent Facebook Live video from ChefSteps where they make the recipe in a way you can cook along with them. And the there’s lots of tricks on cooking fish and how to make rich broths in less time.

For a full breakdown of the recipe visit ChefSteps.

You may also like this Dashi book. 

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