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5 Easy Chinese Recipes

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5 Easy Chinese Recipes
Photo Bruce Guenter/Flickr

Think making Chinese food is complicated? It doesn't have to be. With these easy Chinese recipes you'll be able to enjoy a variety of dishes full of flavor and healthy ingredients. Enjoy!

Lemon Chicken with Scallions

This tasty stir fry hails from Southern China and is laced with soy sauce, chili peppers, ginger and  scallions.

Chinese Noodles with Mushrooms

Wide noodles are cooked with an assortment of mushrooms and infused with the unforgettable aroma of lemongrass.

Rice Purses in Broth

Chinese cabbage leaves are stuffed with rice, chives and saffron and flavored with sesame oil in this stunning main course.

Cantonese-style Steamed Salmon

Seafood lovers will enjoy this easy Chinese recipe for steamed salmon. It requires just five ingredients and takes only 10 minutes to cook.

Easy Fried Rice

Have leftover rice in the fridge? Use it to make this easy Chinese recipe. You'll need eggs, scallions and peanut oil.

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