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6 Easy Cherry Recipes for Dessert Time

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6 Easy Cherry Recipes for Dessert Time
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Summer's bounty of deep ruby red sweet and juicy cherries are irresistable to most fruit lovers and enough to convert even the fussiest of eaters.

While nothing beats eating fresh cherries whole from the tree, if you've got a glut of cherries you fear might spoil, why not try adding them in to a selection of easy cherry recipes and turning them into delicious dessert time treats instead.

The versatile berries lend themselves to a variety of easy sweet recipes, from being baked into cherry cakes to blending them into smoothies or simly enjoying them studded through your favourite muffins.

Whatever your preference, here are all the easy cherry dessert recipes you need this summer.

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Easy Cherry Recipes

Kaiserschmarrn with cherries


Discover how to prepare the original kaiserschmarrn recipe at home, a traditional shredded sweet pancake served as a meal or dessert in Austria, South Germany and Hungary.

Chocolate Cake with Cherries

It's hard to beat a good cherry cake. Try this recipe that will elevate any tea time or dessert time to new heights.

Find the must have recipe here.

Cherry Fool

A rich and luxurious cherry fool made with heavy cream 

Gluten Free Cherry and Date Muffins

A gluten free muffin recipe of the classic one with cherry and date, easy to make in the oven with eggs and oil and a mixture of dried fruits.

Banana and Cherry Smoothie

If you're looking for an easy and refreshing sweet drink, this banana and cherry smoothie recipe is just the answer.

Blueberry and Cherry Jam

Capture the taste of all those summer berries with this delicious cherry and blueberry recipe and re-live those sunny flavours all year round.

Find the recipe here. 

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