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8 Easy Peasy Hot and Cheesy Recipes

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8 Easy Peasy Hot and Cheesy Recipes
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Warm melted cheese is comfort food at its best and we have just the baked dishes to make you feel good on a Monday.

Cooking with cheese is relatively simple. One of the most important rules to apply is adhering to the cheese recommended in these easy cheese recipes. Cheese can perform differently when heated depending on texture and flavour.

Modernist Cuisine have come up with a way of using sodium citrate to emulsify your favourite cheese so it doesn't separate when heated.

Swiss cheeses, Emmental and Gruyere, Dutch Gouda, and Italian Parmesan all melt easily and smoothly making them a perfect addition to a béchamel sauce. They also all add richness to baked dishes, whether it is macaroni cheese or baked broccoli in a cheese sauce. Be sure to keep the roux light or the flavour might compete with the flavour of the cheese. Go to serious eats for more cooking with cheese tips.

Greek feta will soften when heated but retains its shape and texture in the spinach and feta lasagne.

Italian Mozzarella and Scarmorza are stringy melters and the chosen cheeses to use in the decadent parmigiana.

With streamlined simplicity most of these dishes are baked in one oven pan and are ideal for using up odds and ends of cheese that might have got forgotten at the back of the fridge.

So if you're feeling cheesy, pick your favourite cheese and bake them into one of these easy cheese recipes:

Spinach lasagne with feta cheese

Spinach and feta form a classic combination in this recipe for vegetarian lasagne. Fresh from the oven with a hot bubbling bechamel sauce and golden cheese on top, served with some crunchy bread this is one appealing dish.


A quick vegetarian pizza with a cream cheese and chive topping this works well both in individual portions or one large bake divided up at the table.


These zucchini come with a light airy souffle filling adding a touch of finesse to the table. Use Gruyere or Emmental cheese to pack a cheesy punch.

Cheese Souffle

The much revered souffle takes on cheesy notes in this simple recipe. Make up 6 individual portions of one big souffle depending on your catering requirements.

Cheese cake with potatoes

Potato, eggs, bacon and cheese this is a cheesecake with everything going for it. Great for brunches it can be sliced up and served warm or cold, or why not slip a slice into your packed lunch.

Macaroni with cheese

Mac n cheese, the ultimate in comfort food. This recipe has been given a chef's touch.

Broccoli and Cheese casserole

This dish works well either as a side or as a main in larger portion sizes. Broccoli smothered in a rich cheese sauce will even keep the broccoli doubters happy.


Whilst you could argue this dish is about the aubergine, it would be nothing without the cheesy notes of scamorza, mozarella and parmesan. Infact this dish weighs in a kilo of cheesy deliciousness in the ingredients.

Check out our tips for when you go cheese shopping, some of the basics you should look for.



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