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4 Easy Bread Recipes From Around the Globe

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4 Easy Bread Recipes From Around the Globe

Little beats the smell of freshly baked bread wafting from a home kitchen and the anticipation of the first mouthful, still warm from the oven. But while the thought can be a good idea, the time involved in making your own bread and past failed attempts can be off putting.

We have chosen four easy bread recipes, including a traditional Australian damper bread, a classic Italian focaccia, traditional Turkish stuffed pide and finally the classic Indian paratha flatbread to convince you that it can be both easy and rewarding to make your own breads at home.

The chances of failure are slight and the actual cooking time minimal, making these very rewarding breads to start out in baking. With the focaccia bread and Turkish pide there is also room to get inventive, come up with your own toppings or stuffings to create your signature bread.

Once you've mastered these easy bread recipes, try your hand at homemade Italian bread or gluten free bread.

Australian Damper Bread

Traditionally cooked in the embers of a fire this loaf is a great tasty camping recipe. If camping's not on the cards this weekend, you can make it easily at home cooked in a cast iron pan with a lid on.

Focaccia Bread

Classic focaccia with its trademark dimples is an all time Italian family favourite. Extremely easy to make, there is also plenty of room to personalise this basic recipe with olives, herbs, tomatoes or crumbled cheese.

Pide (Turkish flat bread) with sheep's cheese filling

A traditional Turkish bread containing yoghurt, pide is ideal as an appetizer and works well with a variety of stuffings.

Paratha Indian Flatbread

Flour, water, salt and ghee are the only four ingredients required for this simple flatbread. Once the dough has rested, and the disc shape of the individual paratha's rolled out, the cooking time is only 3 minutes. Paratha are an ideal accompaniment to any Indian main dish.

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