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3 Apple Pie Recipes from Countries Where it Counts

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3 Apple Pie Recipes from Countries Where it Counts

A much loved dessert, apple pie has a fond place in many nations’ hearts. Few recipes can invoke such feelings of nostalgia as an apple pie. It’s the pie we grew up on, or if we didn’t we secretly wished we had, and takes us back to our childhoods with every delicious bite.

Good old fashioned home cooking at its very best, a traditional apple pie deploys no gimmicks or fancy techniques, it's a simple dessert to be presented at the table and served generously. There's something about the soft crumbly pastry and sharp fluffy apple interior that's a real crowd pleaser.

Double Crust, pastry lid, lattice topping, crumble topping, served hot or cold with sharp cheddar cheese, cream, ice cream, custard the choices are endless. There is just one name for this dish but a multitude of variations, and this is where personal preference steeped in memories will take precedence.

We have selected three easy apple pie recipes famous in three countries, each with their own national spin. An American cultural icon apple pie might be synonymous with the big apple but its roots are to be found on the other side of the pond both in the UK and The Netherlands.

For the apple filling try using crisp acidic apples, like Bramley, Empire, Northern Spy or Granny Smith or even a mix can turn out very well. Try experimenting at the farmer’s market and picking up a variety.

When it comes to serving your pie, this is again personal and national preference, from ice cream to double cream or just with nothing on. Whatever works best for you?

All American Pie

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The classic all american pie and an infinite number of recipes to choose from. SmittenKitchen have been hard at work in the kitchen trialling a couple of traditional recipes. Check out Deb's recipes, with her review notes and decide which works best for you.

Dutch Apple Pie

Traditional Dutch apple pie comes in two varieties, a crumb (appelkruimeltaart) and a lattice (appeltaart) style pie. This recipe is for the crumb version - the lattice style is shown above. Both recipes are distinct in that they typically call for flavourings such as cinnamon and lemon juice.

English Apple Pie

A good old fashioned British dessert, with a crust top and bottom and generously filled with acidic apples, this is a Sunday lunchtime favourite. Cook and serve hot in a deep pan with a golden crispy top. Enjoy with hot custard, cold cream or ice cream.

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