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5 Easy Easter Side Dishes

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5 Easy Easter Side Dishes
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So you've settled on your Easter roast but do you know what you'll be paring it with? Here are some easy Easter side dishes that will help you round out your holiday menu. Most of these recipes call for just a handful of ingredients and all of them can be made ahead of time so you can relax when your guests arrive. 

Fresh Tomato Sauce (pictured above)

This awesome Italian version of salsa makes a great Easter side dish or topping for bruschetta.

Bacon Cornbread

Here's a festive cornbread recipe made with corn kernels and as much bacon as you desire.

Mixed Greens Salad

The apples and dates is this minty salad would pair well with Easter ham or lamb roast.

Stuffed Mushrooms

Bacon, anchovies and herbs make these stuffed mushrooms a killer Easter side dish or appetizer.

Potato Cakes

Slivered almonds add a nice crunch to this easy potato side dish that also doubles as a starter.

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