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8 Great Easter Brunch Ideas

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8 Great Easter Brunch Ideas
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Have you settled on your Easter brunch menu? If you are still looking for Easter brunch ideas you've come to the right place. These festive recipes aren't just delicious - they are also easy to make and great for Easter or any other spring celebration. Who wouldn't want to enjoy tender smoked ham, mini quiches with peas and yummy almond cupcakes topped with tiny marzipan carrots? For more great Easter brunch ideas, check out our collection of tasty holiday recipes.

1. Salmon Toast

Here's a great Easter brunch idea prepared with just bread, smoked salmon, dill and lemon. 

2. Sicilian Orange Salad

Keep things light with this refreshing vegan salad this made with citrus, olives and onions.

3. Egg Salad

This creamy egg salad is made with an array of veggies mixed with mustard, sour cream and mayo.

4. Mini Quiche with Peas and Ham

Peas are a spring staple and give these hammy mini quiches a lovely burst of color.

5. Rice and Peas

Known in Italian as risi e bisi, this hearty rice dish would be the perfect accompaniment to Easter ham.

6. Smoked Ham 

If you feel Easter is not complete without ham treat your family to this easy three-ingredient recipe.

7. Easter Chocolate Cupcake

These chocolate on chocolate cupcakes are another great Easter brunch idea everyone will love.

8. Easter Cupcakes with Marzipan

No one will complain when you serve two different type of cupcakes at your Easter brunch.

Pictured up top: Ricotta and Asparagus Quiche

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