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The Easiest Mind-Blowing Way To Decorate A Cake (Video)

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The Easiest Mind-Blowing Way To Decorate A Cake (Video)
Photo America's Test Kitchen/Youtube

The folks at America's Test Kitchen have developest the coolest, easiest and most mind-blowing way of decorating a cake. 

As you'll see in the video below, the process doesn't involve icing at all. Instead, you'll decorate a cake with powdered sugar and cocoa. They are several ways of going about it but the results are pretty amazing given the simplicity of the method.

Aside from powdered sugar and/or cocoa, you'll need small plastic lids, paper, scissors and a small colander for sifting. It's also a good idea to cool your cake in the fridge beforehand.

Watch and learn how easy it can be to decorate a cake in just minutes.

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