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Drip Cake: 15 Gourmet Cakes Taking Social Media By Storm

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Drip Cake: 15 Gourmet Cakes Taking Social Media By Storm

Are you ready to feast your eyes on cake and more cake? Yes, because today we talk about the drip cake, a cake that is causing a frenzy on social media. It is a cake that seems simple, but that requires good dexterity, a lot of patience and a certain technique. The result, however, will be worth every effort. It is undoubtedly a scenographic recipe, perfect for a birthday or a special occasion.


Once upon a time, there was the "naked cake", the "naked cake", without creams, icings or decorations. Consequently, precision was everything because there was no way to cover any imperfections. Today the new trend is the drip cake that, starting from a similar base, allows to give more vent to creativity.

The base is a classic sponge cake or a chiffon cake. They must be soft, light and well leavened, so as to melt in your mouth. Each layer of the cake must be formed with great precision and, between one and the other, you can spread the cream of your choice, like a classic chantilly, a chocolate buttercream, or a fruit-enriched one.

Remember that, since it is food design, color is fundamental and you can play on contrasts or different shades of the same color. Once ready and filled, the cake should be carefully covered with buttercream, a fundamental element in American pastry and perfect for decorations.

The preferred filling is Italian meringue buttercream, which is obtained by heating water and sugar to create a syrup that will be beaten with egg whites. At this point we add the softened butter worked with the seeds of vanilla. Continue to whip until a smooth and frothy cream is obtained. You'll find step-by-step instructions in the video above.

For an egg-free alternative you can whip the butter with the vanilla and icing sugar, using a little milk to make the cream less dense and more workable, or the cream cheese mixed with powdered sugar. The cream is spread starting from the edges and ending with the upper part: it is necessary to create a perfectly smooth surface that allows the ganache to drip gently on the sides. Remember to put the cake in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before going on to the final stage.


Now we have reached the highlight, the most important part of the preparation: the "dripping". For the decoration, ganache will be poured directly on top of the cake.

We start by putting the cream in a saucepan, cooking it until it has almost reached the boil. Cut the chocolate into small pieces with a knife and place in a bowl. At this point the hot cream is slowly poured over the chocolate, until it has melted. The last touch is the addition of diced butter. If the ganache is not perfectly smooth, you can help yourself with an immersion blender.

To obtain a correct effect, it is necessary that the cream is of the right density, i.e. thick enough to be able to drip along the cake. Check out this tutorial for proper technique:

Among the most popular versions of the drip cake is that filled with chantilly cream and dark chocolate ganache topping, but you can reverse the colors by filling the cake with chocolate cream and using white chocolate for the external decoration.

To color the icing you can use classic food coloring, or decide to aromatize the white chocolate ganache with dehydrated raspberry powder for a "pink" effect. If you do not like chocolate, you can opt for a thick caramel sauce, made by caramelizing water, sugar and vanilla bean seeds. Macarons, chocolates, candies, colored almonds and more can be used to decorate this rich and spectacular cake.


Here is a gallery of drip cakes that will inspire you and offer some original ideas for making your own creations.


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