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Let's Not Forget The Doughnut

By FDL on

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Let's Not Forget The Doughnut

With all the talk of hybrid desserts, cronut this, cronut that - it's easy to forget that the highly demanded cronut is actually just a love child of two other desserts. To be honest, without the hard work of classics like the doughnut and croissant - what would we have - a cro or a nut?

As much as we like this dessevolotion - we can't forget the great classics that make these newer hybrids possible. Which is why we're highlighting this great doughnut recipe from The Beerones.

As the name suggests The Beerones likes to add beer to ingredients and these doughnuts are no different.

The recipe follows the classic doughnut style but they're then finished with a beer glaze - we hope you enjoy this Best of The Blogs.

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