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Dinner with Jackson Pollock - A Cookbook That's A Work of Art

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Dinner with Jackson Pollock - A Cookbook That's A Work of Art
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Most people know Jackson Pollock for his abstract masterpieces and signature 'drip and splash' painting style. But did you know the modern American artist was also an avid cook, baker, gardener and party host? This other side of the artist is portrayed in the newly released cookbook titled Dinner with Jackson Pollock: Recipes, Art & Nature.

Written by internationally renown writer and photographer Robyn Lea, the cookbook features more than 50 recipes for starters, entrees, side dishes, breads and dessert. What makes the book so unique is the recipes come from a collection of handwritten notes by Jackson, his wife and fellow artist Lee Krasner, his mother Stella and friends. Must-try recipes include Jackson's white bread, Jackson's prize-winning apple pie, beet pickles and Earth-goddess stuffed peppers.

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Dinner with Jackson Pollock is peppered with reproductions of Pollock's masterpieces, mouthwatering pictures of each recipe, as well as photos of his home and anecdotes from friends and family. It's the type of cookbook that feeds your artistic soul and reimagines what it would be like to sit at the dinner table with this great artist.

Interested? Pick up a copy over on Assouline where the cookbook retails for $50.

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