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Man Vs Food: 5 Difficult to Eat Foods

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Man Vs Food: 5 Difficult to Eat Foods

In the eternal struggle of modern man versus food some unanswered questions remain. Like the mysteries of correct sushi eating, while other people are still fumbling in the dark when it comes to tackling a lobster or getting to the heart of an artichoke. How to open an avocado properly remains an ancestral secret to some, while opening a coconut is an anomaly to many. Basically, some dishes are hard to eat, and other foods are just near on impossible to get at.

Enter these nifty infographics from Ship it Appliances which could save your life for two reasons: firstly they explain exactly how you should eat some of the more complicated foods out there, and secondly, they do it in a very intuitive way, rather like Ikea-style furniture assembly instructions.

If you're fond of the Swedish furniture brand you'll already be familiar with the style of minimalist visual instructions; if not, allow a couple seconds more head scratching time, but you'll get there, and if not, well, you might just be inspired to build that flat pack sideboard you'd be meaning to get to!


If you still have nagging doubts that you've got your sushi eating down, take a look at this simple video on how to eat sushi.

How to Eat Lobster

Need to see the theory put to practice? Check out Zagat's easy 4 pointer guide on how to eat lobster in a simple video.

How to Open a Coconut

Once you've cracked how to open a coconut you're going to need these 7 dishes with a taste of the tropics.

How to Prepare an Avocado

Aside from preparation, there's a lot more to learn about avocados, check out our guide to understanding all about avocados for the do's and don'ts.

How to Prepare an Artichoke

How do you use artichokes in the kitchen? Here are our recommended artichoke recipes.

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