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Are You Familiar with These Different Types of Pasta?

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Are You Familiar with These Different Types of Pasta?

How many different types of pasta do you know? How many different types of pasta have you actually tasted?

There’s no definitive number on the amount of different pastas there are in the world and with so many regional variations, historical shapes and differences of opinion, it’s probably not worth arguing over.

One thing is for sure, there are a lot of pastas out there and many of them have very distinct styles and distinct uses.

This food infographic from Chasing Delicious Kitchen 101 takes an encyclopaedic look at pasta and tries to put the world of sizes, shapes and textures into some sort of order.

It looks at everything from minute pasta to ribbon cut pasta and those that are filled, and it does a great job of showing just now many different kinds there really are. If you want to impress your Italian friends with your pasta knowledge then this is sure to give you some new knowledge.

The chart is actually available to buy as a poster and we think it would make a great addition to any kitchen wall.

The Encyclopedia of Different Types of Pasta

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