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10 Chocolate Charts to Make You a Chocolate Connoisseur

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10 Chocolate Charts to Make You a Chocolate Connoisseur

Chocolate lovers prepare to lose yourself in the wonderful world of cocoa, from bean to bar, you're sure to increase your knowledge on different types of chocolate in these 10 handy charts.

If you want to boost your chocolate credentials and take on the chocolate connoisseurs or just learn a little more, there are plenty of handy hints to be had from how it's made, to how to identify good quality chocolate as well as what to pair it with.

With so many different types of chocolate available there really is a world waiting out there.

And if you're hungry after all that we've even stuck in a video from our friends at Chef Steps on how to make chocolate caviar.


1. How is Chocolate Made

Ever wondered how a handful of cocoa beans end up as a your favourite bar of chocolate? Here's a neat infographic that'll show you how in 13 stages, including some which were new on us.

2. Understand High Quality Chocolate

If you're something of a chocolate snob snubbing inferior 'industrial' chocolate and checking your cocoa percentage, this chart will really convince you into the superior qualities of artisanal chocolate bars.

3. The Wheel of Chocolution

This infographic sets out to highlight the beauty of the less processed and much more pure form of raw pure cocoa. 

4. The Ultimate Guide to Chocolate

This complete guide to chocolate includes everything from the origin, bean, cacao content and flavour profiles. Chose from buttery to fruity and nutty as your equip you with the essential knowledge on your journey to becoming a chocolate connoisseur, or picking the bar you're most likely to love at any rate.

5. An Infographic Breakdown of Chocolate

If you want to arm yourself with more chocolate facts this infographic gives a nice overview of the position of chocolate in the world, for example it's mainly Europeans enjoying chocolate, and milk chocolate at that, with dark chocolate coming in at third place after white chocolate.

6. 49 Chocolate Treats from Around the World

Here's a handy infographic for dessert loving globe trotters in search of their next chocolate fix. Choose from 49 around the world and fill in any gaps on your travels.

7. 43 Chocolate Stops Around the World

You'll need your passports handy again to navigate the globe in this infographic with 43 chocolate stops around the world detailing the best places to go and why.

8. How to Kick up Hot Chocolate

If you want to add an extra edge to your traditional hot chocolate try these 10 flavour combinations that will turn your drink into something new.

9. 18 Chocolate Pairings

If you're new to cooking with chocolate, whether for sweet or savoury, dark, milk or white chocolate here are some unusual and interesting ideas on how to pair your sweets.

10. Chocolate Pairings

Cheese, dessert and savoury options are all listed down here giving you more excuses to tuck into a bar, even when bacon's on the menu in the ultimate guide to choclate pairings.


If you want the chance to get stuck into some chocolate after that, here's the creative team at chef steps demonstraging how to make chocolate caviar:


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