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The Pizza Topping Encyclopedia

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The Pizza Topping Encyclopedia

Pizza has to be one of the most loved foods around the world; it’s simple to make, tasty and easily personalised with your favourite flavours.

It’s often surprising to see just how many different styles of pizza are on offer throughout the world and this infographic by My Offers does just that.

It takes a closer look at pizza around the world, first with a look at people’s favourite toppings and then with a collection of different styles in different countries.

The food infographic finishes with some startling stats on some of the world’s most expensive pizzas, including one that costs more than a house, and a collection of some of the strangest toppings around.

There’s also an interesting look at irregular pizzas that don’t fit into the normal circle we’ve come to expect from our pizzas.

Take a look and don’t miss this food infographic that lists 40 different pizza styles around the world.


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