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Get to Know Your Eggs with This Guide

By FDL on

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Get to Know Your Eggs with This Guide
Eggs - a deceivingly simple ingredient yet one that plays an integral part in so many different recipes. The cooking of an egg has been used throughout kitchens of the world as a way to test new recruits and the scientific approach to the famous 63 degree egg has been a pillar of modern gastronomy. 
To truly understand the egg takes a lot of time but this infographic from Replacement Parts sets out some of the basics about what about differet eggs. 
It looks at different sizes, what makes up an egg and what those little spots are you sometimes see inside your yolks. 
It’s a good starting point for understanding eggs and  just look at these amazing Michelin egg recipes to understands what you can do with it. 

Take a look at these Michelin chefs cooking with eggs... 



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  • Tamara said on

    Standard egg sizes seemed a little scary until I determined your infographic was giving the ounces for a DOZEN eggs!

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