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40 Cuts of Beef Explained - Know The Whole Animal

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40 Cuts of Beef Explained - Know The Whole Animal

How many different cuts do you think there are when it comes to beef? A different question, how many can you name? How many have you actually tasted or cooked?

This useful infographic from breaks down beef into 40 different cuts with some extra tips on the best way to cook each piece and a rough price guide.

From chuck to sirloin, the food infographic lists the entire animal with a nice diagram that shows exactly where on the animal each cut is found.

It’s good to know where the different cuts are found and this infographic is sure to help teach us a thing or two about a meat many of us eat all the time.

40 cuts are listed and that’s not including one of our favourite parts, the cheeks - perfect for super slow cooking.

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