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Asian Inspiration: Strawberry and Red Bean Mochi

By FDL on

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Asian Inspiration: Strawberry and Red Bean Mochi

Last year we highlighted Strawberry Santas and they were all the rage, this year we're having an Asian focus with these Strawberry and Red Bean Mochi by Daily Cooking Quest.

They're made using a unique sweet red been paste called azuki an and they're official name is Ichigo Daifuku.

Strawberries are first coated in the azuki an before they're covered in mochi, a glutinous rice flour also known as tepung ketan in Indonesia and shiratamako in Japan.

The finished dessert look like white snow balls filled with deep red colors from the strawberry and azuki an - they may not officially be Christmas treats but what a nice way to add a little variety to the table.

We hope you enjoy this Best of the Blogs.

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