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Dianxi Xiaoge’s Traditional Chinese Cooking is Mesmerising

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Dianxi Xiaoge’s Traditional Chinese Cooking is Mesmerising

As it’s Chinese New Year and we’re celebrating the magnificence all things associated with Chinese cuisine, we thought it might be an appropriate time to draw your attention to the YouTube channel of Dianxi Xiaoge.

The channel features cooking demonstrations by Dianxi Xiaoge, set in the Yunnan province of Southwest China in a perfectly idyllic rustic setting. The recipes are of traditional local fare, season ingredients prepared in a traditional way.

We don’t know much about the production, all that’s available on YouTube in the bio section is “I am a local Yunnan Girl. My name is “Dianxi Xiaoge”. People who knows well will call me “Apenjie”. Both my families and the peaceful village are shown in my videos. I film seasonal ingredients, special local products, really anything that reflects the uniqueness of Yunnan cuisine, All the inspiration behind my video come from our daily meals.”

Dianxi Xiaoge has over a 1 million followers and over 200 million views since joining the platform in July of last year. The production quality is incredibly high for such a rustic setting and, seeing as YouTube is blocked in China, it’s possible that this channel is a government-backed tool to promote Yunnan culture. There is a substantial Facebook following also.

Whatever the source of the videos, we can’t get enough of them. They are a valuable glimpse into Yunnan provincial culinary traditions that deserve to be seen.

Yunnan moon cake—a meat-flavored moon cake stuffed with ham

Making a special dish from the Yunnan Bai Ethnic Group: Cured “blown” Pork Liver with Spicy Sauce
The best method of cooking pig’s skin—Thai-flavored Lemon and Pig’s Skin

The sweetness of roast sweet potato and the spiciness of spicy and sour noodles

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