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Love Deviled Eggs? Try These Recipe Ideas for Easter

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Love Deviled Eggs? Try These Recipe Ideas for Easter

We've officially entered deviled egg season. What could be better than offering a few twists on this classic Easter dish?

Basic deviled eggs are delicious but incorporating a few extra ingredients like bacon, herbs or even avocado will make your Easter deviled eggs extra special.  

Ready to give these Easter deviled eggs ideas a try? Here is what to cook:

Assorted Deviled Eggs

Assorted deviled eggs are a great idea when feeding a crowd. That way you give everyone a few choices they can sample.

Avocado, cream cheese and capers are all great additions to the deviled egg filling.

You can try these three recipes for assorted deviled eggs.

Crab Stuffed Deviled Eggs

Adding crab to deviled eggs offers a luxurious touch that seafood lovers will appreciate.

These deviled eggs are blended with crab but also garnished with the crustacean...that's a crab double whammy!

See how it's done:


Bacon Deviled Eggs

If, like us, you believe bacon makes everything better than you'll love these bacon-infused deviled eggs. Bacon, bacon, bacon! Enough said...check out the recipe:

Another way to incorporate bacon into deviled eggs is to make BLT deviled eggs.
Interested? Here's how to make them:

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