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5 Deluxe Burger Recipes (For Vegans Too!)

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5 Deluxe Burger Recipes (For Vegans Too!)
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Are you itching to fire up the grill? When the weather gets warmer use these deluxe burger recipes to inaugurate barbecue season. You'll find that these burgers are big crowd pleasers that meat lovers, vegetarians and even vegans will enjoy. All that's left to do is fix some delicious sides and you'll be ready for a mean burger feast. Enjoy!

Tokyo Burger (pictured above)

Beef and pork lovers will love biting into this juicy bad boy topped with avocados and colorful beets.

Blue Cheese Burger

Prepare a deluxe burger recipe with creamy blue cheese, fried onions and watercress.

Lamb Burger

Parsley, radicchio, garlic and pine nuts give a Mediterranean twist to this irresistible lamb burger.

Chickpea Burger

This yummy veggie burger recipe is flavored with red peppers, carrots, hazelnuts, thyme and cilantro.

Pea and Spelt Burger

Spelt is an ancient grain that adds heartiness and flavor to this lovely vegan burger.

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