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5 Ways To Fall in Love With Spinach

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5 Ways To Fall in Love With Spinach
Photo Rob Bertholf/Flickr

If you are trying to add more green leafy greens to your diet you'll love these spectacular spinach recipes. Each of them highlights the versatility and deliciousness of powerhouse vegetable. You'll learn how to make divine eggs Benedict, comforting Italian minestrone and even fancy spinach soufflés. The hardest part will be choosing which divine spinach recipe you'll want to eat first.

1. Eat it For Breakfast

Spinach is a great way to boost the flavor of morning favorites like eggs Benedict. If you are a vegetarian then use it to substitute bacon or ham in the recipe.

2. Pair it with Pasta

A cheesy spinach filling is the ultimate way to kick up cannelloni or a vegetarian lasagna (pictured above).

3. Stuff it into Pork Chops

Kick up pork chops by stuffing them with sauteed spinach and cheese. A dash of nutmeg makes everything come together beautifully.

4. Put it into Soup

Sometimes all you crave is a comforting soup to make things back to good. Spinach makes a great addition to favorites like soba noodle soup and minestrone.

5. Get Fancy with It

Dazzle friends and family with elegant recipes like spinach soufflés, vegetarian dim sum and a chef-approved lobster salad.

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