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Enjoy An Easy Meatloaf With A Delicious Makeover

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Enjoy An Easy Meatloaf With A Delicious Makeover
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Meatloaf usually gets points for comfort, not for looks. However, making meatloaf that is a show stopper is easy with just a few ingredients.  In this delicious meatloaf recipe, the beloved comfort dish gets a modern twist with cherry tomatoes.

If you've ever made meatloaf, you know that ketchup or tomato paste will make it more delicious. Following that same philosophy, this recipe calls for topping your meatloaf with plump cherry tomatoes. The result? The juice from the cherry tomatoes permeates the meatloaf, making it oh-so-tender and boosting the flavor.

Although meatloaf is known as an American classic comfort food, it's origins actually date back to Ancient Rome when cooks made patties of chopped meat and spices with bread soaked in wine. Next time you serve a delicious meatloaf to your guests, you can also share this tid bit of history. Don't forget the mashed potatoes!

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