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21 of The World's Deadliest Foods

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21 of The World's Deadliest Foods

There's something alluring about deadly foods. Adrenaline seeking food junkies seek out rare delicacies such as the deadly liver of the fugu fish or the toxic Japanese jellyfish Echizen Kurage (pictured above).

There are ingredients all over the world that give thrill seekers a chance to put their lives in the hands of, hopefully, well trained chefs.

This list of 21 of the Deadliest Delicacies from The Daily Meal takes a look at the world of poisonous and toxic foods. On top of exotic ingredients there's also some that sit a little closer to home like tomatoes, potatoes and the hallucinogenic nutmeg.

Here's 10 of the ones that stand out for us and here you can see all 21 of the Deadliest Delicacies in the World.

Raw Honey
Ackee Fruit
Casu Marzu
Echizen Kurage
Fugu Liver
San Nak Ji

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