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Dangerous Popsicles Shaped as Cacti and Viruses

By FDL on

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Dangerous Popsicles Shaped as Cacti and Viruses

Bold or Italics have created a series of Dangerous Popsicles modelled on cacti and the shape of certain viruses.

It might sound a bit gruesome but with Halloween just round the corner they could be the perfect, if a little cold, treat for the celebrations.

The team wanted to test the reaction of people as they put strange shapes of cactus and viruses like MRSA inside their mouth. Each popsicle tastes exactly the same as they’re made with a simple mix of sugar and water, however, people’s reactions show just how much our perception of taste can be affected by the mind.

The popsicles were created using silicone moulds that were first designed on a computer and then produced using a 3D printer.

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