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17 Most Dangerous Foods in the World

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17 Most Dangerous Foods in the World

The world is full of deadly foods and this infographic created by MrGamaz shows off some of the most dangerous ingredients around.

There are 17 ingredients listed on the food infographic with the well known killers such as the Fugu Pufferfish and Bullfrog both making the final cut.

Monkey brains, Blood Clams, Ackee and Echizen Kurage are some of the more exotic ingredients on the chart.

The interesting part comes with ingredients that many of us commonly eat that pack toxic properties, like elderberries, cashew nuts and rhubarb leaves.

Each one is listed with extra details on how they are prepared, what makes them do deadly and in some cases how many people are taken ill by the ingredients.

Take a look.

View Interactive Version (via MrGamez Casino Games).

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