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30 Types of Cured Meat to Explore

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30 Types of Cured Meat to Explore
Photo Food Republic

If a platter of cured meats sounds like your go-to appetizer, you probably already have your tried and tested favourites, but aren't you curious about what's still out there that you haven't yet tried?

Discover what you've been missing around the world with Food Republic's illustrated global selection to 30 cured meats. Whether pressed, stuffed, dried or fermented, they're covered in alphabetical order, from Bauernshinken to Zungenworstl and made all the more mouth watering by the accompanying image.

Amidst the well known Italian favourites like bresaola, culatello and coppa, are some lesser known cured meats hailing from Portugal and the paprika seasoned paio to the sweet Chinese sausage of lap cheong.

Serving a sharing platter of cured meats is an easy and effective option when entertaining guests. Simply serve up a selection of different textures on a charcuterie board at room temperature with good quality bread and a selection of jams, pickles or olives. 

Take a look at these 30 cured meats and select what will be on your next platter.

via Food Republic


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