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10 Creative Ways To Cook With Sage

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10 Creative Ways To Cook With Sage

Culinary sage adds texture and flavor to dishes while infusing them with an earthiness that is hard to replicate with another herb. That's why we are big fans of cooking with sage whether it be in sauces, pastas, risottos, hearty meat dishes, and even dessert!

Benefits of Culinary Sage

Sage is an herb that fights inflammation in the body and has been linked to a healthier brain. It is rich in minerals and vitamins A, K, C and E. 

Fresh Sage vs. Dried Sage

When using fresh sage opt for smaller, tender leaves, as they will be more flavorful. The flavor of sage intensifies when it is dried so use it judiciously. As a rule of thumb, when a recipe calls for fresh sage reduce the quantity by a third when substituting with dried sage.

10 Delicious Recipes with Culinary Sage

Watermelon and Daikon Salad

Pairing watermelon and daikon is simply genius and this salad proves it. A simple lemon-thyme dressing adds flavor while sage leaves make for a delectable garnish.

Italian Meatballs

Chopped sage is the secret ingredient in the wine-infused tomato sauce that accompanies these comforting Italian meatballs

Red Cabbage Streudel

A savory streudel is a great way to incorporate more culinary sage into your diet. In this recipe red cabbage is sautéed with onions, garlic, pears and raisins then blended with pine nuts and sage before being wrapped up and baked.

Gourmet Egg Sandwich

Brunch will never be the same once you serve this gourmet egg sandwich. Mixed herbs are blended into an omelette then served with pancetta and fried borage leaves tucked inside a ciabatta bun.

Italian Vitello Tonnato

This exquisite Italian dish of veal served with a creamy tuna sauce is easy to prepare. The veal is marinated in wine then simmered with sage and other spices. Afterwards, it is allowed to cool and sliced thinly then accompanied by the luscious sauce.

Meatloaf with Herb Sauce

Prepare a meatloaf that is above the rest with this easy recipe for an herb-studded loaf made with sage, thyme, parsley, white wine and garlic. For extra oomph, the meatloaf is served with a beautiful herb sauce 

Pumpkin Risotto with Sage

Come autumn you'll want to prepare this sumptuous pumpkin risotto with sage over and over again. It is a comforting yet elegant dish perfect for entertaining.

Homemade Seitan

Homemade seitan is served with mushrooms in a brown butter-sage sauce infused with white wine. It is a wonderful vegetarian dish that your guests will appreciate.

Dalí-style Spaghetti

Spanish artist Salvador Dalí reportedly loved this dish of spaghetti dressed with tuna, sage, basil, parsley and garlic.

Garnet Yam and Sage Dessert

Sage in dessert? Yes, it's true! This creative dessert recipe comes to use from the folks at Modernist Cuisine who paired a garnet yam fondant with sage foam.

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