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5 Easy Croquette Recipes

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5 Easy Croquette Recipes
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Croquettes make for an easy and satisfying appetizer everyone will love. Crispy and golden on the outside but tender on the inside, croquettes are even more delicious when paired with a dipping sauce (we especially love aioli). Here are some great croquette recipes you should consider serving at your next soiree:

Louis XVI's Potato Croquettes

This croquette recipe is rumored to have been King Louis XVI's favorite.

Horseradish and Turmeric Croquette

A creative recipe from Italian chef Ernesto Iaccarino, these croquettes are colorful and playful.

Salt Cod Croquettes

These crunchy fritters are the creation of Italian chef Nicola Cavallaro. They are great with a squeeze of lemon.

Burdock Croquettes

An enticing recipe made with burdock root flavored with wild onion and thyme.

Tapas Croquettes

This Spanish recipe features an irresistible blend of potatoes and ham. 

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