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3 Cronut Recipes from The Web

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3 Cronut Recipes from The Web
Photo Katlyn / Kate Tin Blog

Cronuts Recipes are now everywhere. Ever since the pastry chef Dominique Ansel developed the first cronut recipe, combining a croissant with a doughnut, the people of New York have been queueing for two hours straight to get hold of one of the daily baked batches.

Because of this, the DIY baking and blogging community have been scrambling to create their very own cronut recipes. We've already brought you the great cronut breakdown from the Daily Meal and our very own FDL vegan cronut recipe - now we bring you this list of 3 Tasty Cronut Recipes from The Web.

1: Kronuts with vanilla cream and orange blossom glaze..

Posted by Katlyn over at the Kate Tin blog, this recipe is highly detailed and calls for some prior baking knowledge. It's a serious cronut recipe that calls for making fresh dough and really getting to grips with the trials and tribulations of trying to bake croissants.

They look great and there's also a video guide.

2: Cronuts The Easy Way.

Ok, not everyone wants to fold dough continuously to get the desired layers for a cronut. It can actually be quite a tricky technique to master which is why the cronut hackers over at The Plated have developed a much faster and much easier technique using store bought dough.

This looks good and takes a lot less time but you're surely missing out on the crisp layers that only fresh dough can offer.

3: The Zen Cronut

We already love the work of the blogger Stephane over at Zen Can Cook and his homemade cronut is one of the best we've seen.

Out of respect for Ansel's creation he doesn't post his recipe but the picture guide is a great reference point in understanding some of the processes involved.

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