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Not Only Milk and Coffee: 5 Creative Breakfast Ideas

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Not Only Milk and Coffee: 5 Creative Breakfast Ideas

Who wants a boring marriage? The one between milk & coffee for instance, the same old routine every morning: hot coffee mixed with cold milk, cold coffee mixed with warm milk, lukewarm latte, boiling hot coffee with lukewarm milk, latte heated up in the microwave. Come on, we have to make more of an effort for the most important meal of the day, starting from what we drink: let’s start thinking in terms of creative breakfast ideas

1) The first couple we reommend is a union between vanilla-aromatized black Ceylon tea and milk. To fully appreciate its sweet aromatized accents, add a drop of milk instead of sugar for a beverage you will be dying to dunk your breakfast rusks into. Highly recommended for those who like their morning cuppa to brim with warm sensations.

2) If you are vegans, or simply not fond of cow’s milk, try the interesting couple: almond milk and coffee. Having risen to fame for its cold coffee sweetened by the precious nectar, this summer affair can live through the winter on the strength of a nice hot coffee with plenty of body. Dedicated to the more romantic, those who need a touch of reassurance early in the morning.

3) A marriage well worth a try, especially on those mornings when you are not quite so rushed, is the one between fruit juice (or smoothie) and natural soy yogurt. The result is a breakfast dish packed with vitamins and mineral salts, neither too liquid nor too sweet, whose soft consistency makes it a real energy-boosting treat, perfect for facing even a cold rainy day. Ideal for those seeking healthy nourishment.

4) For a pleasant lazy weekend or a Monday morning that needs to be started on the right foot, what could be better than the most ravishing couple in the world: hot chocolate and cream. A vegan (and healthy) alternative: use the cream obtained from coconut milk rather than cow’s milk, and use water to make up the hot chocolate instead of milk.

5) The last breakfast couple to try – or rediscover – is that of ginger and honey. A healthy partnership that will give you an extra boost when you happen to be feeling a bit poorly or out of sorts. A ginger root brew aromatized with a spoonful of Italian honey will help you feel better and keep you warm throughout the morning. For those in need of curative pampering.

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