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30 Craft Beer and Vegetarian Food Pairings

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30 Craft Beer and Vegetarian Food Pairings
Photo Quinn Dombrowski_Flickr

If you love craft beer but not all the meaty morsels that tend to get washed down with it, you no longer need go hungry with the "Ultimate Guide to Craft Beer & Vegetarian Food" infographic below.

Thanks to the expert advice of fifth generation brewer, John Schlimm in Pots, Planters and more, we are now enlightened as how to pair the hoppy notes of our favourite craft beer with meat-free fare.

The rules are simple: pair and balance flavour profiles or simply let your guests decide which tipple their palette prefers, which all seems like sound advice to us.

So whether you are a beer loving vegetarian or vegan, or have friends who are, it's time to enjoy the best of both worlds with this simple guide to 30 dishes and craft beer flavour profiles.

Sounds simple right? Check out your favourites in the guide below, cook up a veg chilli, crack open the India pale ale. and while you're at it let the chilli have a tipple too as it finishes off cooking.


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