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5 Fine Dining Crab Recipes with A Chef's Touch

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5 Fine Dining Crab Recipes with A Chef's Touch
Photo Wylie Dufresne

You don't have to be a chef to cook like one! With these luxurious crab recipes with a chef's touch you'll be able to recreate restaurant dishes in the comfort of your home. If you are in the mood for something simple and casual, try making deep-fried soft shell crabs or a refreshing crab salad. For more elaborate dishes, we recommend you the crab roll pictured above or the Russian crab dumplings. Whatever you choose, there's no doubt it'll be delicious!

Deep-Fried Soft Crab

Soft shell crabs and artichokes are tossed in seasoned flour then fried until golden brown in this gourmet recipe from Daniele Zennaro, chef at the acclaimed Venetian restaurant Vecio Fritolin.

Italian Crab Salad

Fresh crab meat is paired with arugula, radicchio and fennel in this extraordinary crab recipe developed by British chef Theo Randall, whose known for his Italian dishes.

Coconut Crab Curry

Lemongrass, kaffir lime, galangal and fish sauce give this outstanding Thai crab recipe an irresistible taste. It's a recipe from Bangkok-based chef David Thompson, currently Asia's Best Chef.

Crab Roll with Salt n' Vinegar Chips and Celery Mayo (pictured up top)

If you are looking for a high-tech crab recipe, look no further than this mouth-watering dish from Wylie Dufresne's famed wd~50 restaurant in New York City.

Russian Crab Dumplings

Moscow chef Anatoly Komm shares his unique recipe for varenyky, traditional Russian dumplings filled with crab and served in a white wine sauce.

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    Crab one of my sea food of all time and Deep-Fried Soft Crab is the one which I have not tasted yet but will definitely do in future.

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