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Watch This Chef Prepare a Huge 58–Ounce Steak

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Watch This Chef Prepare a Huge 58–Ounce Steak
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Cowboy ribeye (or bone–in ribeye) is a delicious cut of meat and generally, the bigger the better, but could you devour an entire 58-ounce (1.6kg) cowboy ribeye in one sitting?

The Ranch Restaurant and Saloon in Anaheim, California serves this huge steak on its menu and in the video below we see head chef Michael Rossi preparing this monster eat.

Medium Rare

First, Rossi breaks down the 26–pound (11.8kg), seven bone rack of meat into cowboy ribeye steaks. He then seasons and chars the huge steak medium rare in the broiler, before preparing scalloped russet potatoes with cheddar and herbs, and serving with a bordelaise sauce (red wine and bone marrow) and creamed horseradish.

It looks mouthwatering, but also, one seriously challenging meal. Could you finish this monster hunk of beef? Would you want to? Let us know over on our Facebook page.

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