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Hungry? Buy Your Neighbor's Leftovers

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Hungry? Buy Your Neighbor's Leftovers

When hungry most people turn to the kitchen or a restaurant. But a new website is proposing a radical idea: buying leftovers from your neighbors. It's a concept that's already taken root in Greece through a website called Cookisto.

The website allows home cooks who prepare extra food to sell it for a small fee, usually less than the cost of takeout. Say your neighbor made too much lasagna or apple pie, it could all be yours for just a few bucks.

So far, Cookisto only operates in Greece but the BBC reports it's headed to the UK. It seems to be a big hit with students, people facing a budget crunch and others looking to reduce food waste.

Since theres no way to monitor the quality of ingredients or sanitation used in preparating food, Cookisto's success depends mostly on user reviews much like other websites like Airbnb.

Could this be the future of food? Do you want to see it in America? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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