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Cooking Without Wasting: Tips and Tricks

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Cooking Without Wasting: Tips and Tricks

To recreate the delicious aroma of a fresh artichoke salad, without using artichokes, you can use broccoli stalks. Peel them, cut them into rounds, drench them in oil and squeeze lemon over them, then cover with Parmigiano shards. You’ll never miss the artichokes and you’ll have made great use of the part of the broccoli that usually gets thrown away – both at home, as well as in fine restaurants.

The same goes for the hard, white part of artichoke stems, or even the tough leaves that surround a cauliflower: while produce sellers might discard them to render their wares more appetizing, they are delicious when sautéed in a pan with onion.

Is it watermelon season? The white part of the rinds, just beneath the red pulp, is an excellent base for gazpacho, which can be blended along with cucumbers, celery, tomatoes and garlic. And if you’ve got too much of it, try pickling the watermelon in vinegar for the winter time, which will add dash and flavour to any bland winter salad, topped with a French vinaigrette. Find more tips on the blog by the eco-chef and environmentalist Lisa Casali.

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