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16 Clever Ways To Cook With Leftovers

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16 Clever Ways To Cook With Leftovers

Tired of tossing forgotten leftovers in the trash? Arm yourself with these clever tips for cooking with leftovers and stop wasting food and throwing money down the drain.

This awesome visual guide from CookSmarts breaks down leftovers into two categories: protein and vegetables. It then goes on to offer creative food pairings with starches like rice, pasta and tacos but it doesn't end there. You'll find wonderful ideas for cooking with leftovers and transforming them into mouthwatering frittatas, soups, pizzas, curries and much more.

Don't forget to scroll down to the end for some awesome tips on transforming leftover herbs and fruit into delicious condiments like herb butter, pesto and sauces.

What about you? What do you like to cook with leftovers? Tell us in the comments below!

Via Cooksmarts

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