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Cooking With Lavender: 5 Must-Try Recipes

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Cooking With Lavender: 5 Must-Try Recipes

Lavender is a healing spice and what better way to make the most of this beautiful flower than to prepare delicious meals.

The trick to cooking with lavender is to remember that a little goes a long way. Dried lavender will be more pungent than the fresh variety but both are highly aromatic so use a light touch in your recipes.

Why Should I Cook With Lavender?

Lavender may help reduce anxiety, improve sleep and reduce stress levels. Also, it tastes great especially when added to desserts and beverages.

So why not give it a go? Here are five popular ways of cooking with lavender you can try today.

Lavender in Cooking: Recipes You Can Make With Lavender

Cooking With Lavender: Make A Grand Tiramisu

Give a fun spin to this classic Italian dessert by blending lavender with the mascarpone filing. A cherry-orange sauce completes the ensemble.

Click here for this lavender recipe.

Cooking With Lavender: Craft A Zesty Lemonade

A lavender infusion adds extra flavor to this refreshing lemonade recipe flavored with ginger.

Find this lavender recipe here.

Cooking With Lavender: Whip Up A Fragrant Sorbet 

Sprigs of lavender are a beautiful garnish for delicate desserts such as this melon sorbet.

Get this lavender recipe here.

Cooking With Lavender: Bake Cookies

Softened butter, slivered almonds and lavender flowers result in delicious cookies that are hard to resist.

Learn how to make these lavender cookies.

Cooking With Lavender: A Sleepy-Time Tea

Lavender has a calming effect and is a wonderful spice to add to a cup of warm milk at night. This video from Honeysuckle shows you to make prepare a date honey lavender infusion for a better night's sleep.

Click here to learn all about cooking with edible flowers.

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